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Gemma Solà Sotos was born in 1993 in Barcelona, Spain. She studied between 2014 and 2018 at the University of Barcelona to obtain a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. In 2018 she moved to Munich, Germany, to continue her education at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste, in the class of Gregor Hildebrandt. She graduated in February 2024 and currently lives and works between Vienna, Munich and Barcelona.


In her work, the canvas becomes a space for revision and exploration of a variety of topics of the contemporary subject, connecting it with a specific space and its symbols. Reality and fiction, the natural and the artificial, the representation of the self or the irruption of thoughts or state of mind through social media are part of the themes in which Solà is interested, reviewing them with sometimes humor, irony, or a heavy seriousness.


Without starting from a pre-established idea and using acrylic, airbrush, oil pastel and cheerful colors with a naive style, painting becomes a medium that conveys what is perceived from both physical and virtual reality. The pictorial elements and how they act as emotional triggers of memories play a major role. Through abstraction and a new interaction on the canvas, they lose their original context and open up a new narrative.

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